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Business Assistance Center, Inc.



Training Curriculum/Educational Workshops



“Philosophical Approach”



The training curriculum outlines/materials are for those contemplating starting a business and those already in business. The material content is condensed and therefore presented as such. It is not meant to replace additional assistance that various business, legal, and accounting advisors offer. Dependent upon your own level of absorption and application, we seek to impart business technical knowledge at the basic/intermediate level regarding the fundamental principals of business start-up, management, market analysis, financial forecast, writing a plan, and owning and operating a business from a sound managerial standpoint from day-to-day. A key premise of our approach is that all entrepreneurs starting a business will benefit greatly from a written business plan and maintaining a level of on-going business education and exposure to business literature and information.



One of the core objectives that we seek to accomplish is to assist entrepreneurs in a do-it-yourself approach to writing your plan, and we do so for several reasons. It gives you the opportunity to objectively look at the business in its entirety: analyzing your market and competition, develop prices using sound research data, and etc. It serves as a tool, which can assist you and others in understanding your business and business direction. It is useful in establishing credibility for your business if you need to borrow money. The business plan demonstrates you are a serious entrepreneur who has reviewed all aspects of your business to the best of your ability. Business planning '"market research" also helps to avoid business ventures that seem destined to fail. You are able to identify if too many products/services similar to yours exist It helps identify if the cost and therefore pricing, would run counter to the business likelihood of making a profit. Sometimes you will find that the price points/sales volume required for a profit may be too high for your community or area or even your production capability given your newness. And a business plan can identify your strengths and weaknesses. You must know your strengths and be able to build upon them and your areas of needed improvement and know how to offset them.






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