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January 2014 thru September 2014; every 4th Tuesday of the month


Featuring topics such as:


      ¨ Business Planning and Management        


      ¨ Product Development *


      ¨ Idea Protection and Licensing *


      ¨ Information Survival Skills *


      ¨ Successfully Promoting Your Business *


      ¨ Building Your Banking Relationship *


      ¨ Legal Aspects of Small Business


      ¨ How to Start A Home-Based Business 


      ¨ Business Management/Computer Utilization (Overview)*


      ¨ Business Plan Lab(do-it yourself/self pace)


      ¨ Time Management & Strategic Planning


      ¨ Job Performance Appraisals *


      ¨ Total Quality Management (Overview) *


      ¨ Internal Revenue Service Small Business Tax Workshop *


      ¨ Business Profits Through Unit Cost Analysis (A three part Series, 2        

        hours per session)


      ¨ Managing Profitability and Growth


      ¨ How to Find Your Market Niche *


      ¨ Common Sense Marketing Techniques *


      ¨ How to Prepare Business Communication Tools (Overview) *


      ¨ Introduction To computers and DOS (A three part session, 2 hour per       



      “ Basic Quicken Software Program Training (An 8 hour training/two 4 hour

        Saturday sessions)


      ¨ D Base III + Lotus 1-2-3 (A 3 Week/M,T,F; 2 hours each session)


      ¨ Grant Writing/Proposal Development


      ¨ Procurement/Contract Bidding *


      ¨ Understanding the World of Surety Bonding


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